Holland Bloorview makes health literacy a priority

Holland Bloorview aims to raise awareness about the importance of understandable health information. The reality is that health information is complicated. That’s why it is important to our hospital to provide clients and families with information that is easy to understand and use.


Health Literacy is being able to find, understand and use health information to make informed choices about your care, and access services and resources.  Sometimes you may need to be supported by a health worker to do this.


A health literate organization creates an environment where clients and families are confident they can access information that is relevant, clear and easily understood.


How do we support health literacy at Holland Bloorview? We aim to:


  • Explain complicated therapy techniques in everyday terms
  • Design communication materials, like brochures, so clients and families can easily understand the information
  • Create an atmosphere where a client or family member can say: “I don’t understand, please explain it to me again”

Holland Bloorview has a health literacy review process for our hospital’s communication materials. Our Health Literacy Committee chair, family leaders and Communications and Public Affairs team  review and recommend changes to written materials. The result is a document that meets health literacy standards and has our health literacy stamp of approval.


For more information about health literacy at Holland Bloorview, contact committee chair:
Lorraine Thomas, Client and Family Integrated Care 
Email: lthomas@hollandbloorview.ca 
Tel: 1-800-855-0511. At operator prompt, give 416-422-7049.

Check out our Family health literacy tip sheet.pdf