Online family resources

Holland Bloorview's online family resources offer helpful tips, information and stories for caregivers and parents of children with disabilities. Please click on the buttons below. 

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Warmline Answers

Do you need help navigating the health care system? Are you looking for answers to questions about programs, services and resources related to childhood disability? Call the Holland Bloorview Warmline at 416-424-3888 or 1-877-463-0365.


Onsite Grocery Foundation Resource Centre

When at Holland Bloorview, please visit our onsite Grocery Foundation Resource Centre. It is a place where you can learn more about your child and services here and in the community. 

Our staff and parent mentors can talk about parenting, school, fun things to do, respite care, funding and ways to get involved at Holland Bloorview. Our librarians can help you find medical articles, books and videos. 

We are happy to answer your questions or talk about any concerns you have. 

We are here to support you Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Walk through Holland Bloorview’s main floor atrium and turn right to find us.



The Outpatient Orientation Pilot Program

Why we launched the program

At Holland Bloorview, we want families to feel:

prepared, reassured, connected, knowledgeable, empowered, positive, supported, welcome


The purpose of the orientation pilot:

  • We want to welcome new outpatient families to Holland Bloorview!
  • We want to give families the tools for the first appointment
  • We want to give families support from other families who have been through the medical system
  • We want to give families the knowledge of who and what services can be accessed here
  • This pilot is for families who are on the waitlist for the Communication, Learning and Behaviour Clinic or the Neuromotor Clinic – these are both outpatient clinics at Holland Bloorview's main site


Download our Outpatient Orientation booklet

Inside, you'll find: clinician tips for your first appointment, an appointment planning guide, helpful contacts at Holland Bloorview, and resources in the community. If you want to sign up for an orientation, please visit our Workshops and Events page, and click the "Outpatient Orientation" tab.



Classroom Integration Workshop Toolkit

The Family Advisory Committee at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital has created a workshop for teachers, and teacher candidates, to explore the topic of creating inclusive activities in elementary school. Through real stories and an experiential learning activity, we hope to show that small changes can make a big difference to the experiences of children with various types of special needs (including physical, communication, intellectual and/or behavioural exceptionalities), in the school system.

The workshop has been successfully delivered in both public and private schools, and as part of a teacher training course. We also offer our resources in an online format, so that you will now how the opportunity to deliver this workshop. Whether you use our materials as an additional resource for teachers, or you deliver our prepared integration workshop, we hope that you find these materials useful for creating an inclusive environment in your school.

If you are interested in having members of our Family Advisory Committee deliver this workshop in your school, or would like further support in using our materials, please feel free to contact us at: facchair@hollandbloorview.ca

Click here to access the Classroom Integration Workshop Toolkit.