A Holland Bloorview youth brings fresh approach to gathering client input with accessible Youth Feedback Corner app
A Holland Bloorview youth brings fresh approach to gathering client input with accessible Youth Feedback Corner app

Ensuring care and services at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital are meeting the needs and wants of clients and families is a top priority. We do this in many ways, from co-creating new programs to partnering on improvement initiatives together with children, youth and families.

One of the key ways we measure the success of our shared efforts is through client and family feedback. We have tried and true methods of gathering feedback, including face-to-face sessions, comment cards and surveys, and in the past have found opportunities to build on and enhance our methods with initiatives like Kids Feedback Month.

Enter Jadine Baldwin, an 18-year-old Holland Bloorview client with a bold voice and bright ideas. Jadine brought forward her idea for Holland Bloorview to create a ‘feedback corner’ where youth clients and their siblings could record videos to tell us what Holland Bloorview is doing well, what we could do better, or to share their ideas to make the world more welcoming for kids and youth with disabilities.

“I noticed that, despite Holland Bloorview’s efforts, not everyone’s voice was being heard through the existing feedback methods,” says Jadine. “Surveys can be a bit overwhelming because you might not want to answer all of the questions or have much to say about some topics. This way, we can answer the questions we want and we have a safe place to share our stories.”

On April 10, Holland Bloorview brought Jadine’s idea to life with the Youth Feedback Corner pilot. The Youth Feedback Corner uses an accessible video recording app to collect youth feedback from clients and siblings. Holland Bloorview will use their ideas to strengthen care and participation at the hospital, and beyond.

“Holland Bloorview is committed to making the world a better place for all kids and youth,” says Julia Hanigsberg, president and CEO of Holland Bloorview. “Exploring creative ways to gain youth input helps to ensure we’re putting our focus on what really matters to our clients.”

“Youth feedback is so important because we’re the ones staying at Holland Bloorview and experiencing health care firsthand,” says Jadine. “Often people discount our voices because of their own assumptions. The more we share our experiences as youth with disabilities the more people will open up and want to learn.”

The Youth Feedback Corner pilot is running from April 10 to May 31. Want to record your own feedback video? See the calendar for specific times and locations.

The Youth Feedback Corner was made possible by donor support through Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation.