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Haste and Hustle Conference

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Haste and Hustle is an event for entrepreneurs to truly connect with one another, get inspired and educated by multiple speakers and get prepared to take on the next challenges of their business.

Our number one mission is to serve and support entrepreneurs with a fun and inspiring event that provides a disproportionate amount of value to each guest.

Speakers Include:

  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Alex Mashinsky, Inventor of VoIP & CEO of Celsius Network
  • David Rock (aka Drock), Videographer for GaryVee & Entrepreneur
  • John Stix, Co-Founder of Fibernetics and creator of IM IN “Discover your Who”.
  • Kelsey Ramsden, President Belvedere Place Developments
  • Nesh Pillay, Founder of Press Pillay

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A portion of ticket sales for the dinner with Richard Branson will be donated to Holland Bloorview!

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