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Our team

Research staff

Nick Reed, PhD, Adjunct Scientist, Bloorview Research Institute

Katherine Wilson, MSc, Research Manager

Melissa Paniccia, PhD, Research Associate 

Dayna Greenspoon, MScOT, Research Coordinator

Andrea Hickling, MScOT, Research Coordinator

Christina Ippolitto, MASc, Research Coordinator

Alexandra Cogliano, MScOT, Research Assistant

Christine Provvidenza, MSc, Knowledge Translation Specialist

Students and trainees

Kylie Mallory, PhD Student

Katie Mah, PhD Student

Karolina Urban, PhD Student

Alumni students and trainees

Charlotte Anderson, PhD (Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto)
Cervical Spine Dysfunction and Concussion: Exploring Assessment Methods, Prevalence, and Screening Protocols in Children with Persistent Post Concussion Symptoms; Sep 2015 – Sep 2019

Tiffany Toong, MSc  (Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto)
Sensitivity and Specificity of a Multimodal Approach for Concussion Assessment in Youth Athletes; Sep 2016 – Sep 2018

Melissa Paniccia, PhD (Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto)
Heart rate variability and concussion: Exploring neurophysiological variation in youth athletes; Sep 2013 – Dec 2017

Harminder Sandhu, MSc (Clinical Engineering, IBBME, University of Toronto)
Evaluating the usability and utility of a smartphone technology to help youth self-manage their concussion; Sep 2014 – Jan 2017

Lee Verweel, MSc (Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto)
The use of heart rate variability amongst youth with concussion; Sep 2013 – Sept 2015