Putting client and family centred care into action every day can have a big impact on clients and families
Putting client and family centred care into action every day can have a big impact on clients and families

Putting client and family centred care into action every day can have a big impact. Actions like greeting clients at their height level or asking families to teach back medication instructions can significantly improve the care experience.

Mike, Jasmine and Nevaeh know just how much client and family centred care can make a difference.

Mike and Jasmine stayed in the hospital’s on-site family accommodations while their now five-year-old daughter Nevaeh was an inpatient at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. During their stay they met housekeeper Berthe Nabico, who went above and beyond to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

“Berthe is so calming and thoughtful, not to mention the first person to lend a helping hand right away,” said Jasmine. “Berthe made our stay extremely comfortable at Holland Bloorview; our home away from home.”

Client and family centred care is one of Holland Bloorview’s core values. As part of Holland Bloorview’s commitment to bringing this value to life, the hospital partnered with families to develop key actions that demonstrate client and family centred care. The actions are based on the hospital’s Patient Declaration of Values, also created in collaboration with families.

The key actions are practical ways employees can incorporate client and family centred care into their daily practice and tasks. Letting clients and families know what to expect before and during an intervention, asking clients and families “what questions do you have,” rather than “do you have questions,” encouraging clients and families to actively participate in goal planning and treatment decisions, and listening attentively when clients and families are expressing their needs and concerns are all important actions in client and family centred care.

Mike and Jasmine recognized Berthe for her compassion and support through the hospital’s “spotlight” recognition program. Now when employees receive a spotlight from clients and families, they also receive a client and family centred care champion pin that they can wear or display proudly in their area.

“There are exceptional and dedicated staff members at the hospital,” said Jasmine, as she shared what a positive impact Berthe had on their experience at Holland Bloorview.

Receiving a spotlight meant a great deal to Berthe, who explained she tries to put herself in the family’s shoes to understand their unique experience. It “makes me feel good about my work.”

Holland Bloorview provides support and education to help employees practice client and family centred care, including simulation activities that were co-designed by clients, families and clinicians. Family leaders also share their lived experiences in employee forums and student education sessions, and partner with employees hospital-wide to provide input on initiatives and projects.

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