Pharmacy Services is responsible for the safe and effective use of medications at Holland Bloorview. Clinical pharmacists
work closely with clients, families, and the healthcare team to optimize medication therapy through direct patient care. Registered pharmacy technicians utilize a computerized unit dose system to provide drug distribution services in a safe, accurate and timely manner. Investigational drug services are also offered to support clinical drug trials at Holland Bloorview. Finally, pharmacy staff actively provide academic teaching in partnership with universities and colleges, and provide drug information to both clients and healthcare providers.

Direct patient care

Drug distribution

Drug use management

Investigational drug services

Drug information and education


Pharmacy Services
416-425-6220 ext. 6312

Nathan Ho, Director, Pharmacy Services
E-mail: nho@hollandbloorview.ca

Tamara Milicevic, Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator
E-mail: tmilicevic@hollandbloorview.ca

Nermin Dervis, Senior Pharmacy Technician
E-mail: ndervis@hollandbloorview.ca

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