Child Development Program: Michael Garron Hospital

Holland Bloorview offers child development services in east Toronto.

The community based development team assesses children who are suspected of having a developmental disorder such as autism and display complex and challenging behavior.

  • Interdisciplinary diagnostic services are provided depending on the child's need with an occupational therapist, a psychologist and speech language pathologist
  • Comprehensive service plans that are integrated with existing community services
  • Help for parents and service providers in understanding the child’s developmental condition

Referral criteria

  • Children under five years of age.
  • Are suspected of having developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder or complex developmental concerns.
  • Require assessment by a developmental pediatrician or psychologist


Physician referral form (PDF)


Michael Garron Hospital
Child Development Centre
825 Coxwell Avenue, D4
Toronto, ON M4C 3E7 
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